The newspace opportunity: why, how and who

The newspace opportunity: why, how and who

Is newspace from Mars and oldspace from Venus? The incumbent space players have been slow to embrace the potential of newspace. Reversely, newspace players have long thought they could succeed without the “old guard”. Both sides have started to understand they belong to the same sector.

Source: Bryce Space 2018 report “start-up space”

I have written an article in Satellite Finance to address the questions still heard within the established community: Why do we need the startups? How do we cooperate with them and who should we work with?

My conclusion is that oldspace can harness the energy of newspace to face its own challenge of sustainability. Yet, this requires a radical shift from its inward tendency, as oldspace must acknowledge that part of its future depends on smaller, faster and different entities: start-ups and investment funds.

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Jansky Partners provides 3 kinds of support to space-related start-ups, i.e. newspace:

Jansky Partners leverages its network of investment funds and established players to support the start-up founders. A specific focus will be the development of soft-skills, to enable long-term relationships with these critical stakeholders.


Established players now operate in a fast-changing environment and face headwinds on historical activities.In parallel, two different ecosystems exist, which can be tapped for growth:

They have 3 main reasons to cooperate with these ecosystems:

Jansky Partners helps established players adapting themselves to these new ecosystems, in order to generate new potential.

Investment funds

Space-related business has high-barriers of entry for funds, due to its technological and regulatory aspects. An investment due-diligence must encompass technical, operational, regulatory, institutional, commercial, marketing, financial and corporate aspects.

Thanks to its experienced staff, Jansky Partners provides an overall risk/opportunity assessment, for opportunities on nascent or established targets.