MWC19: where were the satellite telecoms operators?

MWC19: where were the satellite telecoms operators?

I attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year.

Phones are bigger there

The event was huge: 9 halls are filled with booths of equipment vendors, mobile network operators, consulting companies, internet pure players, country representations or high-tech providers.

More than 2400 exhibitors, out of which ..3 satellite telecom operators.

This is quite a gap with the claimed objective of satellite operators to embed themselves into the terrestrial world, to better match the needs of the terrestrial operators.

To be fair, the number of representatives from satellite operators was greater than 3, as companies chose to visit, and not to exhibit. Also, some satcoms operators do not consider fixed satellite services as a core market.

Attendance is appreciated

Still, it clearly shows that the satcoms industry is not in the conquest mode, demonstrating features and benefits through strong marketing efforts.

And gaining visibility from mobile operators should be a core goal for the satcoms. The downward satellite capacity pricings of fixed telecommunications will not go up. Yet, volumes can save the day. Overall, the satcoms need to go from last-resort solution to one of the possible options, among Fiber or Microwave. And what best than a real marketing effort to highlight core features, build visibility and credibility, and enlarge the customer reach?

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