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Jansky Partners provides 3 kinds of support to space-related start-ups, i.e. newspace:

Jansky Partners leverages its network of investment funds and established players to support the start-up founders. A specific focus will be the development of soft-skills, to enable long-term relationships with these critical stakeholders.


Established players now operate in a fast-changing environment and face headwinds on historical activities.In parallel, two different ecosystems exist, which can be tapped for growth:

They have 3 main reasons to cooperate with these ecosystems:

Jansky Partners helps established players adapting themselves to these new ecosystems, in order to generate new potential.

Investment funds

Space-related business has high-barriers of entry for funds, due to its technological and regulatory aspects. An investment due-diligence must encompass technical, operational, regulatory, institutional, commercial, marketing, financial and corporate aspects.

Thanks to its experienced staff, Jansky Partners provides an overall risk/opportunity assessment, for opportunities on nascent or established targets.